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Sweetpea is a green and yellow budgie that appears in The Secret Life of Pets. He is voiced by Tara Strong.


Sweetpea's head feathers are yellow and other body parts green. He has a tiny bit of blue markings on his tail feathers. He has small orange beak and orange claws. He has green eyes.


He likes hanging around with the other pets, even with Chloe, who likes to eat him sometimes.


Sweetpea is one of the neighbors of Max. After his owner leaves, he opens his cage, activates a fan and television, and flies with aeroplanes in a console game. Later, he appears in Max's Apartment and uses a laser projector to have fun with Chloe.

After Max and Duke are gone, Gidget gathers her neighbors for discussing what they can do, including Sweet Pea. He pecks a glass bowl Chloe is at, by the time she is seemingly indifferent to Max's missing. Tiberius' sudden appearance horrifies all pets except Gidget, and Sweetpea hides behind a bottle of air freshener and then Chloe's bowl after Mel hits the table with fear. At last, Sweetpea agrees to join his neighbors to find Max.

Pops brings the pets to a cherry picker outside a building; Chloe is too clumsy to jump down, so Sweetpea pecks her hanging feet. In the way to the sewer, Tiberius catches one of the pigeons, who carry the pets to another apartment; Sweetpea chirps at Tiberius, so he lets the pigeon go. Later, Gidget encourages her neighbors after they are almost caught by The Flushed Pets, she claims that they are "dogs", Chloe says "cat", Tiberius says "hawk" and Sweetpea chirps, so Gidget says they are all dogs at that day.

He is seen flying with Tiberius on the Brooklyn Bridge and sitting with Gidget and watches Snowball jump in the ocean to save Max and Duke. At the end of the movie he finally goes back to his apartment to greet his owner, who is a seemingly hardcore guy with who despite his appearance, cares very much about Sweetpea and birds.


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  • Sweetpea is voiced by Tara Strong, who is also known for voicing Timmy in the Nickelodeon show "The Fairly Odd-parents".
  • Sweetpea is intended to represent a budgerigar or "parakeet". Unlike real-world parakeets however, his feet are anisodactyl (three in front, one in back), rather than zygodactyl (two in front, two in back).
  • According to Chloe, she likes to eat Sweetpea and probably regurgitate him sometimes.
  • Sweetpea was the first pet to notice Tiberius' appearance in Gidget's Apartment, before Mel shouts in horror.
  • At Pops' Apartment during the party, there is a bird that uses a similar model as Sweetpea, but recolored in which it remains blue and white.
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