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Susan Murphy (also known as Ginormica) is the protagonist from Monsters vs. Aliens.



  • Susan is a parody of the protagonist in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (becoming exactly one inch shorter).
  • Susan is the second female protagonist in a DreamWorks Animation film, the first being Ginger from Chicken Run, the third being Eep from The Croods, the fourth being Poppy from Trolls, and the fifth being Yi from Abominable.
    • She is also the first female protagonist of an original DreamWorks Animation film and not to be one that is co-produced with Aardman.
  • In reality, a human who is 50 feet tall but is proportioned like a six-foot human would be unable to stand; because standing would entail 579 times the body mass being supported by bones and muscles of only 69 times the cross-section, and hence strength.