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Mr. Moe Wolf is the main protagonist of the DreamWorks animated film, The Bad Guys.

The Bad Guys (film)

[Disclaimer] - This is a recap of the entire film/movie and is non-specific to Mr. Wolf, only depicting his role alongside telling the story with it.

The film starts off in a diner booth, where a newspaper called The City Times lies idly on the table. The headline for the front page reads that a heart-shaped meteorite will be displayed at the Gala of Goodness a year after it crash landed in the city.

There, two patrons, an anthropomorphic wolf named Mr. Wolf, and a humanoid snake named Mr. Snake are seated.

Wolf and Mr. Snake are having coffee, arguing about an unknown topic. Snake gruffly tells Wolf to drop it, but Wolf can't help himself. It is revealed that today is Snake's birthday, and he doesn't like talking about it. However, Wolf lists off all the great things that come with birthdays, all of which Snake shoot down. The two continue to teasingly banter off of each other, with another conversation about Snake's guinea pig addiction, before exiting their booth.

As the scene pans out to the entire diner, it is revealed that the human patrons, including the employees, are terrified of the two, and they cower behind the diner to avoid any interaction. Wolf pays for their coffees, and before they exit, Snake teasingly scares the cowering humans, lunging at them. Wolf shakes his head good-naturedly, and cordially tells the patrons he'll order Snake a decaf next time they're there. Across the street is a bank. Snake and Wolf steal two bags of cash, and a safe vault before dashing for Wolf's car.

There, the cops come after the duo. Wolf breaks the fourth wall by speaking to the audience, and introduces his crew:

Mr. Snake: Say hello to Mr. Snake. Serpentine, safe-cracking machine. Imagine Houdini but with no arms. Kind of guy who’d tell you the glass is half empty, then steal it from you.

Ms. Tarantula: And over here is Ms. Tarantula, our in-house hacker, our pocket search engine, our traveling tech wizard. We call her Webs.

Mr. Shark: And this is Mr. Shark, master of disguise, apex predator of a thousand faces. His greatest trick: stealing the Mona Lisa disguised as the Mona Lisa.

Mr. Piranha: And rounding out the crew is Mr. Piranha. He’s a loose cannon with a short fuse, willing to scrap with anyone or anything. He’s brave. He’s fearless. Uh, who am I kidding? He’s crazy.

After losing the initial police cruisers on them, Wolf purposely drives to the station, simply stating to his friends that he wanted a longer car chase. There, they meet Chief Misty Luggins of the Golden State Police Department, the stern, no-nonsense chief of police who makes putting the Bad Guys away her life's purpose. Wolf and the gang bait her into a police pursuit, and end up escaping, where Chief Luggins angrily shouts after Wolf, telling him that his luck will run out sooner or later.

As the afternoon turns into evening, Wolf drives the crew home to their abandoned warehouse loft near the Los Angeles River. They pull into a large sewer tube, which reveals to be a hidden entrance sizable enough to accommodate a car, and drive into a two-way industrial elevator. The Bad Guys sit on top of Wolf's car as the elevator finally opens to their loft: the apartment is filled with various stolen art, treasures, gold bars, and stacks of money showing just how much the crew have stolen from the city.

Shark clears the kitchen table to make space for the cake they bought Snake, and Piranha attempts to sing happy birthday. However, before he could get a word out, Snake grumpily blows out his candles. Webs is frustrated with his actions, but Wolf intervenes, telling Snake to at least make a toast. Snake relents, and tells his friends that he's made a lot of enemies, but he hates them the least. The gang is touched, and Wolf clinks their glasses, chiming, "To Mr. Snake and his strange dislike of birthdays", and has everyone pose for a selfie. A few moments later, Snake pins the photo to their refrigerator, and Wolf amusedly anticipates what would inevitably happen next: Snake pulls out the last push pop from the freezer and refuses to share it with a hungry Shark. Shark in return gets agitated due to his appetite not being satisfied, and tackles Snake to the ground after he purposely eats the push pop in one bite.

As other members of the crew cheer the scuffle on, Wolf tunes them out to listen what the news had to say about them today. He tells the crew to be quiet, as Tiffany Fluffit, their local news anchor, is doing a segment on them. She calls the Bad Guys "diabolical", which Shark takes as a compliment. Wolf is bemused until Diane Foxington, the newly elected Governor of Los Angeles, comes to the screen.

Diane says she feels sorry the Bad Guys, and tells them that they're simply a crew in decline. She calls them "second-rate has beens", and proceeds to list their flaws, saying that their crew was full of anger, denial, and self-loathing. The Bad Guys, Wolf in particular, take offense to her words, and Snake sarcastically asks what was on the Food Network. Wolf ignores him, and wonders who she is to judge them. The Governor concludes her speech by telling the city to focus on more positive things, such as the Annual Good Samaritan Awards, where she would be presenting the Golden Dolphin to the 'goodest citizen'. Almost immediately, Wolf begins scheming a plan to steal the Golden Dolphin. Snake rightfully reminds him that they shouldn't make things personal, and that every criminal who's tried stealing it is behind bars. He names The Crimson Paw, a thief known for their theft of the Zumpango diamond, but Webs says they were never arrested.

However, Wolf prevails by manipulating Snake's guinea pig addiction, telling him how the recipient of the Golden Dolphin was one of them. Snake agrees to the heist, and the plan goes into motion.

The heist starts off with the crew infiltrating the Museum of Fine Arts, where the award will be presented, by dressing up as fancy party-goers. Wolf tells them that the Golden Dolphin will be positioned backstage, behind the curtain. Piranha comments that it sounds easy enough, but Wolf reminds him of the three levels of security they'll have to bypass:

  1. Door #1: A locked door that can only be opened by Chief Luggins' key card
  2. Door #2: A locked door that can only be opened by Governor Foxington's retinal scan
  3. Two special ops units guarding the Golden Dolphin

Since Governor Foxington's retinal scan is the only thing that has clearance to open the second door, the crew needs her photo. Wolf takes on the task, and after he makes a few comments about a recycled work of art they happened to be standing near, the two engage in a polite, slightly flirty conversation. Wolf kisses her paw, while also slipping her diamond ring off of her finger, and introduces himself as Oliver Poodleton. Wolf talks about his crew, saying they're one step away from cementing their legacy in criminal history, making her laugh. She scoffs, telling him the only thing they're cementing is life in prison. Diane talks about their latest bank job, telling him about the unsecured exits, crude disguises, and compulsive showboating, saying that it was a mess. She says if they make it personal, then they're toast, as those are signs of a crew In decline. Wolf is flustered, and lamely tells her that's her own opinion, and Diane refutes it by agreeing with him, saying her opinion mattered because she was the governor.

After that, Diane then directs his attention back to the a recycled work of art, saying that it was all about perspective: "even trash can be recycled into something beautiful". Wolf comments about how some things are not as they appear, and he asks for a photo, not wanting to miss a photo opportunity with the Governor and a pile of garbage. She teases him by telling him to not be so hard on himself, insinuating that he was the pile of garbage. Wolf begins to realize what she said, but the flash of the camera cuts the scene short.

Wolf reunites with the crew, telling them it's showtime, and to assume their positions. Piranha infiltrates the caterers, Tarantula hacks the security cameras and system, Snake sneaks inside the vents, Shark goes into the party under the guise of a pretty woman, and Wolf maintains his position in the lobby.

After intentionally bumping into Chief Luggins and stealing her key card, Wolf lets Webs know by singling to the security camera. Webs acknowledges this, and asks Piranha is he's in position. Piranha says he is, and hides the food cart into a closet. Wolf smirks as his plan goes accordingly, taking some free time to pickpocket various people, and spots an old woman with an open purse full of money and jewelry. As they descend down some steep stairs, Wolf reaches for her purse, but the woman ends up slipping, nearly falling had it not been for Wolf's hand on her purse strap. Not wanting to make a scene, Wolf inadvertently helps an elderly woman and is praised for the good deed, leading to Wolf blushing and finding himself affected by his wrongdoings. As his tail begins to wag, he grows flustered and tries to stop it.

Meanwhile, Webs tells Shark that he's up, and he excitedly asks if he gets to improvise. Wolf tells him to be subtle. Shark instead screams, and in a falsetto tone, cries out that he's pregnant, asking if there are any security guards that are willing to leave their post and help him. It works, and they leave Door #1 unguarded, allowing for Piranha and Wolf to sneak in using Luggins' key card. After Piranha beats the two special ops units, the only thing in their way is Door #2. Wolf asks Webs to enhance Diane's retinal scan from the photo, and the duo are within reach of the Golden Dolphin, which is guarded by various Laser beam Alarms.

Wolf and Piranha change out of their formal wear for full-body, black latex suits, and Snake comes out of the vent, coincidentally placed right over the Dolphin. Wolf holds onto Snake while Piranha holds onto Snake from above to keep them steady. Just as Wolf reaches for the award, the ring he stole from Diane falls out, triggering a high-tech alarm. Snake and Wolf, clearly not expecting that, are stunned when they learn that the Dolphin is guarded by the Wolf Piranha Snake Shark Tarantula Protection System (WPSST), Webs calmly says she'll initiate the WPSST override protocol, but it doesn't let her in at first. Wolf and Snake fearfully ask if it worked, and Webs says to give her five minutes.

However, on stage, Diane is about to welcome this years recipient of the award, Professor Marmalade. Snake says they don't have five minutes, and Shark tells them that Marmalade was on the move. The curtains begin to open, and Wolf fearfully asks Webs if she was any closer to overriding the WPPST. Thankfully at the last moments, she is able to, and Wolf manages to snag the Golden Dolphin.

The ceremony and party-goers panic since the Golden Dolphin is missing, and just as the gang is about to make a clean getaway, Professor Marmalade makes a speech about how he didn't do any of his good deeds for an award. He did it for the sake of being good, and how when you're good, you're loved. The speech triggers Wolf's tail to aggressively wag, and his disguise ends up falling off. One of the partygoers recognizes them, and Chief Luggins orders their arrest. Luggins says they stole the Golden Dolphin, but Wolf says they can't prove that. Right then, the award falls from underneath Shark's dress, which he tries covering up as his baby, and the Bad Guys are arrested.

As Luggins herself walks a handcuffed Wolf to the police truck, she tells him it's the end of The Bad Guys. As his gang is thrown into the truck, Snake desperately calls for Wolf, who looks down at his tail. Devising a plan, he breaks away from Misty's grip, and calls out the Governor. Once he has her attention, he goes on a false tangent on how she got them pegged, recalling her newscast on the crew being angry and self-loathing. Diane is unamused, and reminds him that she also called them in denial, while also adding emotionally empty and narcissistic. Wolf woes that he and the crew never had a chance to be more than criminals, and says if there was only someone out there who was willing to let the goodness inside of them bloom, like Mother Theresa. Diane smirks, realizing his true intentions almost instantly, and Luggins grabs Wolf to toss him inside the truck.

Before she can, Professor Marmalade orders her to stop, proposing that they conduct an experiment. He tells Diane, in front of all the party-goers and newscasts, that his charity event, the Gala for Goodness is coming up. If he can convince the world that The Bad Guys have reformed, would she pardon them for all of their past crimes? Diane is understandably shocked that the Professor would inappropriately bring this up in front of thousands of people, and Luggins is against the idea, saying that Wolf was baiting him to avoid jail time. Diane regains her composure after this, saying she won't put the city's safety at risk for the sake of an experiment, but Wolf recalls Diane's earlier quotes about how trash can be made into something beautiful. Diane is pleased that he had actually been listening to their earlier conversation, and says she's in, and Marmalade states that he will turn The Bad Guys into The Good Guys. Diane says to leave the Golden Dolphin with her until the Gala for Goodness, to remove any temptation. Wolf slips out of his handcuffs, and hops into the truck to reunite with his friends. Before he closes the door, Diane says not everyone gets a second chance, and to make the most of it. Wolf gives her a two-fingered salute in return.

Snake and the crew demands to know what Wolf was doing, and Wolf thought it was obvious. He says they're going to go good, and the everyone asks if he's doing okay. Wolf clarifies that they're going to pretend to go good, so when they attend the Gala for Goodness, they can steal the Golden Dolphin, and roll out scot-free. Wolf asks since when do they not finish a job, and says they have to become The Good Guys in order to stay The Bad Guys. Snake proclaims that Wolf's a genius, and Wolf says that a few days with Marmalade will be the most relaxing con ever, like a vacation. Piranha dubs it a con-cation and the crew laughs.

As they roll into Marmalade's mansion the next morning, the Professor tells them that they're villains, predators, sociopaths, but inside of them, there's a flower waiting to bloom. And when it blooms, they will feel a tingle of goodness that they'll want to feel all the time. Wolf recognizes the feeling from what he felt at the the Annual Good Samaritan Awards, and smiles.

For their first test as passing as good, Marmalade has Snake share a push-pop with Shark, but refuses to do so. For the second, he dresses Wolf up in a granny costume, and has Piranha help him across the street. Webs says that Piranha is going to blow it, and he grows angry, completely forgetting about Wolf in the process, who gets hit by a truck. Marmalade simples it down even further by providing them with the task of rescuing a cat stuck in a tree. However, the crew screws that up by terrifying the cat, and Marmalade asks them what they're good at. The crew lists various crimes, but at the mention of a heist, Marmalade proposes a heist for good. In a research facility are 200,000 domestic guinea pigs being tested on, and Marmalade says if they can free them, then that'll convince the public they've gone good. However, after Snake's guinea pig addiction causes him to eat them, the public is shocked.

The Bad Guys are caught once again, and sent back to Marmalade's mansion. Diane visits them personally and angrily decides to call off the experiment and Marmalade goes after her, and Wolf and Snake argue about the failed heist. Webs breaks up the fight, and asks them what they're going to do now, and Wolf decides to Clooney (seduce) Diane into changing her mind. The second Wolf catches up to Diane, she orders him to not Clooney her. Wolf tries convincing Diane that he's changed, but she doesn't buy it, and asks if he ever gets tired of lying. Diane, exasperated, tells him that she gave him an opportunity to show the world that he's more than a scary stereotype, but he's too proud and gutless to take advantage of it. Wolf is offended, and argues that he's the villain of every story, and even if he and the crew did change, who would believe them? He insults her by saying she doesn't know the position he's in due to her image as The Governor and Little Miss Perfect Power Suits. Diane questions if that's the case, and pulls out the ring Wolf had swiped from her at the party. Wolf is flustered that she managed to pickpocket him, and she states that they're not so different. She says it doesn't matter who believes they've changed, because he should be doing this for the sake of his future, not for others' approval. As Diane gets into her car, Wolf asks if she's going to call the Chief, to which she replies she'll see him at the Gala.

That night, Wolf sits outside, thinking about Diane's words. To his left is the cat stuck in the tree. Wolf contemplates the matter and finds himself rescuing the cat, which Marmalade records and publishes, turning the public image of the Bad Guys around. Marmalade congratulates Wolf on turning his image around, but comments how it must be hard carrying all that baggage, and Wolf realizes he's talking about the crew. Marmalade says it's either his friends or the good life, and both unaware of Snake listening in on their conversation.

In their room, Snake asks Wolf if everything's going according to the plan. Wolf tells him that he made the plan, so he sticks to the plan the most. Snake asks if the plan ever changed, Wolf would tell him, and Wolf says he would. Wolf asks Snake if he ever thought about what would happen if the world loved them instead of fearing them, and Snake dismisses it, saying he doesn't waste his time thinking about things that won't happen.

The next evening is the Gala for Goodness, and in the limo, Wolf tells them what's going to happen:

  • The Golden Dolphin will be inside a titanium case that can be opened with a 5-digit code that only Chief Luggins has access to. The Chief keeps the code in a briefcase handcuffed to her, and can only be opened by her fingerprint. Snake says he'll get the code.
  • Meanwhile, Shark is in charge of securing one of the fake Golden Dolphins
  • While this is going on, the rest of the crew plant circuit jammers that allow Webs to hack into the power grid
  • At the end, while they're on stage toasting the Professor, Webs will shut off the lights. During this, Snake will open the case, Shark switches the Dolphins, and they escape with the real Golden Dolphin.

Marmalade meets up with Wolf, and tells the crew that everyone's eyes will be on them, not him, and outside, they are warmly greeted. The gang is surprised by the gesture. As Wolf mingles, he catches sight of Diane. Feeling guilty about what was about to go down, he avoids her. Meanwhile, Snake is about to gain access to the Chief's fingerprint, but things go awry when Misty unknowingly traps Snake between her and the briefcase. To salvage their plan, Piranha starts to sing Good Tonight in order to distract everyone from Snake trying to steal the code. Once the Chief is distracted, he gains access to the code, and signals at Wolf that the plan is ready.

Diane sneaks up behind him, and wonders if she's avoiding him. Wolf nervously stammers out why he would do such a thing, and Diane says she's disappointed. She fixes his bowtie, and says she was hoping he'd ask her to dance.

Wolf and Diane start dancing together and have the time of their life, while the Bad Guys' performance gets the Gala to almost a billion dollars. The Bad Guys manage to implant the circuit jammer in the switches to make the lights turn off automatically, granting Wolf time to switch the Dolphin with a fake.

Their dance comes to an end, and the Gala for Goodness has amassed almost a billion dollars. Wolf and Diane make their way to the stage, and the plan goes into motion. The crew eagerly wait for Wolf to shut off the lights so they can switch both Dolphins, however once Wolf looks at Diane, he feels guilty and falls in love with her. At the last minute, Wolf doesn't go through with the plan, shocking the crew.

Diane says a deal is a deal, and as she is about to grant The Bad Guys a full pardon, the lights go out anyway and the Love Meteor, the symbol of the city, has disappeared.

Everyone blames The Bad Guys for the theft and, after he gives Diane the coordinates of their hideout in a last attempt at redemption, Wolf and his friends try to escape, but after an ill-thought out attempt from Piranha, they end up being arrested once again. Inside the police car, the Professor enters to talk to the Bad Guys, seemingly to talk some sense into them one last time, but the real bad guy is revealed: Marmalade confesses that he was the one who stole the meteor and that he was using Mr. Wolf the whole time (to the point where the old lady Wolf helped earlier was actually him in disguise). He set up Wolf and his friends to be a distraction and then humiliate themselves, thus taking the blame for his crime, and manipulating Wolf’s friends to turn on him.

In a fit of rage after finding out he had been used, Wolf attacks Professor Marmalade for his lies and betrayal, but Marmalade opens the door in front of the entire city, making them look even more evil and ferocious, and looking like Wolf was attacking him for no reason. He and the gang are taken to a prison outside the city.

Inside the prison, Wolf confesses that he's tired of people mistreating them, to his teammates bewilderment, especially Snake's. The reptile pretends to refuse redemption and gets into an argument with Wolf, who, utterly frustrated, angrily yells at Snake for his stubbornness. As the argument gets heated, Snake demands Wolf to say that he doesn't want to be a bad guy anymore, but he couldn't and asks Wolf if they're just holding him back, and Wolf snaps, saying that they are, leaving Mr. Snake and the crew completely heartbroken and speechless. Snake finally snaps, and tackles Wolf and tells him to take back what he said. However, their fight doesn't last long, as a famous criminal, the Crimson Paw, manages to infiltrate the jail, take out all the nearby officers, and release the Bad Guys, while also revealing herself to be Diane, who knows that Marmalade framed and lied to them.

Diane then takes the crew back to the mainland, planning to stop Marmalade, and Wolf decides to help her, but Snake and the rest of the gang reluctantly abandon Mr. Wolf. A devastated Wolf and Diane head to her house and into her secret lair to see the villainous guinea pig's plan: he will use the meteor's powerful wavelengths to brainwash all the guinea pigs. The Bad Guys had released and use them to steal all the money the Gala had garnered. The two go to Marmalade's house to retrieve the meteor.

Before doing so, Mr. Wolf pays a visit to the loft, where Diane has taken away all their stolen loot, and leaves a single push-pop.

While the others reach the loft, seeing it emptied, they lament their losses. Snake cheers up Shark by giving him the push-pop, the first selfless act in his life. This convinces Piranha, Shark and Webs that redemption isn't that out of reach and they all feel the warmth of good, thinking that Wolf but Snake furiously refuses and leaves (in truth, he has a plan to get Marmalade to reveal his true colors to everyone). Wolf and Diane both arrive at Marmalade’s manor but Wolf ends up falling into the Golden Dolphin trap which got them both captured, and Marmalade hangs them from the ceiling.

Marmalade recognizes Diane as the Crimson Paw, and steals her Zumpango diamond ring, telling her it was smart hiding it in plain sight. Mr. Wolf finds out that Mr. Snake now works for Professor Marmalade and the two villains leave to carry out their evil plan. With the help of Wolf’s friends, who now understand redemption as they make amends with him, Diane and Wolf manage to escape the mansion (but not before saving the kitten one last time), and manage to steal the meteor. Wolf's plan was to return the meteor to the police, but first they had to get Mr. Snake, even if he was a traitor. Marmalade betrays Snake and threatens to throw Snake off his helicopter if Mr. Wolf does not return the meteor. However, when Wolf tries to ensure the Professor goes through with the deal, by using Diane's lipstick laser, threatening to cut the chain if he doesn't hand over Snake. But the rodent kicks Snake off so he can take the meteor while the Bad Guys are busy saving him.

Wolf leaps off the crater with his car and throws himself to save his best friend, and Snake makes amends with him, the two hugging each other mid-air. While everyone else in the gang is ready to die with each other, Wolf pulls out his grappling hook and saves all his friends from the fall.

Nevertheless, people still thoughtlessly believe the Bad Guys are still evil, but Diane tries to defend them and is even ready to reveal her secret identity. Wolf, however, decides to protect Foxington's political career and turns himself in, with his teammates following suite. It looks like Marmalade, still believed to be a good guy that took the meteor back from the thieves, is getting off scot-free, but Snake reveals that he had a change of heart from the very start like the others all along and was never on Marmalade’s side. Snake tricked him into believing he’s still evil in order to get close to him. He actually switched the meteor with a lamp while leaving the real one at Marmalade’s mansion, referred to as "the ol’ switcheroo" and started overloading it, causing the meteor to explode and destroy the manor.

Since Marmalade took Diane's Zumpango ring, Diane uses it to frame the Professor as The Crimson Paw, making everyone see that Marmalade is the real criminal and fraud, leaving him with a tarnished reputation as he is arrested. As the group was sent to prison, Wolf reveals that he put the push pop in the fridge before their stolen items were taken to show that the gang had good in them and make them realize they should others, leaving Snake dumbfounded by his trick and the rest amused, and delighted by the stunt.

A year later, Wolf and his gang were released from jail for good behavior and they return to town with the help of Diane, picking them up as they ride off in the distance back to the city to begin their new life as the "Good Guys".


Mr. Wolf is an anthropomorphic wolf and retains both human and animal qualities and characteristics. He has a slender build, with a dark grey snout and a white underbelly. He has deep, dark brown eyes with yellow sclera, and thick black eyebrows, with the left one having a subtle notch. Wolf likes to maintain a well-groomed and attractive appearance, and is mainly seen wearing a casual suit consisting of a cream-coloured blazer unbuttoned over a bright white dress shirt. He wears cream-coloured dress pants, a brown leather belt, and a pair of brown dress shoes.

During the first Golden Dolphin heist, to blend in with the wealthy environment at the Museum of Fine Arts and its party-goers, Wolf switches to a stylish, sleeker suit. He wears a sharp white blazer and pants, a double-breasted white vest, a black dress shirt underneath, and a purple tie. He finishes the outfit with a matching white fedora with black trim, white leather shoes, brown-rimmed sunglasses, and a small fake moustache.

At Marmalade's Gala of Goodness, Wolf is seen wearing a royal blue suit. He wears a dark blue blazer unfastened over a plain white dress shirt, dark blue dress pants, and black dress shoes. Wolf completes the outfit with a black leather belt and cobalt-blue bowtie.

For any technical and stealthy portions of heists and missions, he will put on a full-body, black latex suit that covers him up to the ear.

During Marmalade's attempts at teaching the Bad Guys good behavior, Wolf is forced to wear a classic old woman costume and then a loose sheep onesie.


Wolf is a laidback and charming individual. Due to his experience as a leader, he is calmer and more level-headed than the other members of the rambunctious crew. An example of this is shown after The Bad Guys return from their bank robbery at the beginning of the film. Wolf amusedly smirks as Snake doesn't share the last push pop with Shark. Due to his appetite not being satisfied, Shark's aggressive tendencies come out, which make him tackle Snake. Wolf calmly steps away from the chaos, even referring to them as "animals", as if he was not one himself.

As a leader, Wolf is extremely loyal to his friends, is a smart, headstrong, and skilled tactician. He has extensive knowledge of the area within his crew's outreach, and as such must remain cool-headed and smart if he wants make a clean getaway. Wolf's skill set, leadership abilities and loyalty acquires him respect from both his allies and enemies.

He always tries to go for a suave, cool attitude and is very laid-back and smooth-talking, even trying, at one point, to win back Diane Foxington's favour by "Clooneying" and seducing her, which she was having none of. In spite of his relaxed attitude and savoir-faire, he still has his instances losing his temper. Examples include when he lunges at Professor Marmalade, threatening his life, and in prison, where Snake provokes him into falsely admitting his friends were holding him back from being good.


Mr. Snake

He is Mr. Wolf’s best friend and second-in-command. Wolf refers to him as his best bud, and the two have a stronger friendship than anyone else in the crew. It is worth noting that Snake calls him his life-long buddy, insinuating that they have known each other since childhood.

Diane Foxington

Wolf first lays eyes on Diane during a newscast, and upon first sight, he is infatuated with her. However, he grows frustrated and angry at her piercing words about them: "These so-called Bad Guys are really just second-rate has-beens. Behind their amateurish antics and, frankly, unoriginal capers is nothing but a deep well of anger, denial, and self-loathing. And those are holes that no amount of cash or priceless art can ever fill", and demands who she is to judge them, unaware of her criminal past. Wanting to prove a point about how being bad triumphs even the best of things, he makes it personal by planning a heist to steal a symbol for goodness, The Golden Dolphin.

Wolf and Diane first meet during the initial heist, and comments how he has to get up and personal to get her retinal scan. To get her attention, he arrogantly insults on a piece of recycled artwork, to which Diane replies that art reveals more about the viewer than the artist. He then introduces himself under the alias Oliver Poodleton, and kisses her hand while slipping off her ring, unaware that it is the Zumpango diamond. Wolf then says how it's nice to see her take action against The Bad Guys, however, the crew is one step away from cementing legacies as some of the best criminals in the world.

Diane merely laughs at this, and says once they make it personal, The Bad Guys will be finished. Wolf, caught off guard, lamely replies that that's just her own opinion, to which she replies as The Governor, her opinion is the one that matters. She then takes him by the arm, and as the recycled work of art angles itself to be a swan, she comments that even trash can be made into something beautiful. Wolf says he wants a photo, not wanting to miss a photo opportunity with The Governor and a pile of garbage, and Diane teases him by telling him not to be so hard on himself. Wolf realizes that she was calling him the pile of garbage, but before he could reply, the flash of the camera cuts the scene short.

As the crew is arrested due to being caught with The Golden Dolphin, to avoid jail time, Mr. Wolf manipulates Professor Marmalade into giving them a seconc chance, as they were never seen as more than criminals. Marmalade publicly asks Diane is he can conduct an experiment in which he can change The Bad Guys into The Good Guys, and Diane says she won't put the city at risk for the sake of an experiment. Wolf cuts in, and says that even trash can be recycled into something beautiful, quoting her line from earlier. Diane is pleased that he had actually been listening, and this captivates Diane, leading her to approve the experiment Marmalade was suggesting.

After the failed 'Heist for Good', Diane scolds the crew for inflicting multiple criminal charges, before Mr. Wolf is tasked with charming her, which she is having none of. They get into a heated argument, where Diane calls Wolf gutless and proud. Wolf grows angry, telling her that he and his friends were the villains of every story, and every single citizen fears them, Diane then offers some words of wisdom, telling him he's doing this for them and not the public, and these words resonate with Wolf.

At the Goodness Gala, Diane takes an immense interest in Mr. Wolf, even stating that she's mildly dismayed by the fact that he could be ignoring her at the Goodness Gala. Wolf, who is planning the second Golden Dolphin heist, says he isn't, and she says she wants him to ask her to dance. Upon dancing with Diane all the whilst both share a relatively sentimental moment, Diane inquires about how it feels to be appreciated and not feared for once. As the pair dance atop the stage, Mr. Wolf finds himself in a state of crisis as he finds himself requiring to pick between his friends or the good life, which is when he decides to hand Professor Marmalade his Golden Dolphin trophy as opposed to swapping it out for the fake; an action that's influenced by Diane and later reinforced by the fact she is left awestruck by his act of returning everything to her.

After seeing Mr. Wolf's selfless acts, she decides to investigate and finds that his honesty had led her directly to his stash of loot, which is when she is inspired by his will to go from being the villain to being the hero as she hatches a plan to liberate him alongside his crew from prison. After interrupting a conflict between The Bad Guys by dispersing the force of security guards leaving them hostage, Mr. Wolf is found to be lonely after his crew mates break away from him, leading to Foxington sympathizing with him, comforting him and reassuring him before playfully stating he looks like a prisoner.

When she alongside Wolf break into the laboratory holding the fragment of the meteorite powering Marmalade's hypnotized army of guinea pigs, the pair display an immense amount of personal affection for one another as well as chemistry as seen by Diane's rather casual reveal that she's the Crimson Paw due to the Zumpango Diamond slipping from her ring finger all the while they exchange expressions of amazingness. After The Bad Guys minus Mr. Snake free them from their imprisonment, they go on to steal the Love Crater Meteorite together whilst driving away in the hopes of preventing Marmalade's plan from drawing success.

Diane exchanges a glare with Wolf before he speeds off into the distance in pursuit of Mr. Snake with her rolling her eyes alongside feeling a slight pinch of betrayal resonating throughout her body. Later in the film, once the Love Crater Meteorite is destroyed by Mr. Snake, she finds herself congratulating Mr. Wolf as well as being prideful of his decision to hand himself in alongside the rest of the crew. She would also have her muzzle metaphorically clamped by Mr. Wolf when he quoted that she was a big fan of "Redemption arcs" as opposed to her revealing that she was the Crimson Paw, an act that's later covered up by Professor Marmalade taking the fall for the Zumpango Diamond as well as many other crimes that were presumably committed that could trace their roots to Foxington.

Although the nature of their relationship is up to speculation, Diane Foxington plays a significant role in Mr. Wolf's personal life and considering Mr. Wolf was later picked up by Diane after a year of remaining in prison all the while she possessed ownership of his car.

Evidence points to Mr. Wolf being Diane's love interest due to the chemistry they have, the background they share as well as a wolf and a fox not being so different, a line that became synonymous with her bonding with Mr. Wolf during her moment of dismay when he attempted to previously charm her.

Mr. Shark

Ms. Tarantula

Mr. Piranha


  • It is shown in Bad Guys 3 and others that he has a crush on Agent Fox.
  • He is apparently the Big Bad Wolf in The 3 Little Pigs, The Wolf in Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, and also The Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.
  • His outfit is similar to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" outfit.
  • Ben Mendelsohn was considered for the role of Mr. Wolf before Sam Rockwell was cast.

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