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New wikia

Here is a new wikia dedicated to Universal Animation Studios, which is an alternate universe wikia.


Would you please be interested to be part of the community to the website by helping to expand and edit it.

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GidgetxMax GidgetxMax 5 January

Penny's sister Rosey

So we all know that Max and Gidget had 3 puppies and we know one of there names

But what are the 2 other puppies names. I know one the others name and her name is Rosey.

Rosey is a grey dog with a pink bow on her neck.

Rosey is the second puppy to be born in her famlily.

Rosey is 5 years old and Max is thinking of putting her in puppy school.

Rosey always loves to look out side Max's or Gidget's window.

When Rosey is borad she plays with her big sister Penny or plays with Max.

Roesy stays 1 week with Max and 1 week with Gidget.

Rosey's friends are Princess,Tiny,and Pickles.

Rosey likes it when Liam comes home from school with Katie and Chuck.

Rosey always calls Duke her uncle, like Penny.

And that's all for now bye.

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Red hair Red hair 9 December 2020

DreamWorks Animation - Little Audrey (feature film) - 1st Teaser Trailer

[The teaser starts off with the 2013 Universal Pictures logo as Also Sprach Zarathustra plays. After the logo fades to black, it fades to 2019 DreamWorks Animation logo. After the logo fades to black, it fades to footage of The Stature of Liberty, which is later wearing the Little Audrey wig with three pigtails tied with three blue bows.]
Announcer: She's coming...
[It then transitions to the Arc De Triomphe, which is wearing the Little Audrey wig, then to Mount Rushmore, with Washington‘s, Jefferson’s, Roosevelt’s, and Lincoln’s heads similarly wore just like the two other famous landmarks]
Announcer: One of the world's most legendary heroes you've ever met...
[Afterwards, it transitions to the Pyramids of Giza, CN Tower, Sydney Opera House, Ch…
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JEA16 JEA16 29 November 2020

Universal studios land Texas, Humble, Houston, New rides and old rides airport.

And also universal studios Texas or Houston with old rides and new rides

like old art actions new rides and old rides Like:

  1. JAWS: The ride
  2. Harry potter ride
  3. Jurassic park or world ride
  4. universal land island adventure
  5. the amazing adventures spider man
  6. Hogwarts express
  7. E.T adventure
  8. Twister.... Ride Out
  9. Kongfrontation
  10. Back to the Future: The Ride
  11. Kidzone
  12. T2-3D Battle Across Time
  13. The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbea
  14. Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoons Blast
  15. men in black ride
  16. Barney in the park
  17. Earthquake: The big one/Disaster
  18. Men in black in alien attack 👽
  19. Super Nintendo world
  1. Dispicable Me minion mayhem
  2. Rock climbing rock climbing 🧗
  3. Waterworld 💧 a live sea world
  4. universal hotels
  5. Fireworks speturlar


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AnaPoppy160 AnaPoppy160 16 November 2020

If They Put Some The Nut Job Attractions In Universal Parks

The two of The Nut Job movies may not be too much of a Universal movie, but it is kind of my type. It would be nice if they decided to put some of The Nut Job events maybe lives or some rides and maybe meet some characters like Surly Squirrel and his friends, maybe Andie and Buddy and if they put some of The Nut Job merchandise if they decided to do that. So that Universal Studios would have experience.

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DJ1981 DJ1981 16 October 2020


We are expanding the wiki to include TV stations.

We are also expanding to include Fox Interactive video games due to Vivendi Universal's ownership in Fox Interactive, Vivendi Universal was also the owner of Vivendi Universal Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

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UpnCbs06 UpnCbs06 15 November 2019


So I created A similar website to this a few months ago and was wondering if you could provide input about possibly combining these two?

Some questions to consider:

Which one should stay and leave? If it’s tied, which parts of both would transition over to the newly combined site?

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OswaldTehLuckyHabbit OswaldTehLuckyHabbit 30 April 2019

Can we add the old universal stuff? (Including cartoons)

I Might Be Greedy But I'm Not, CAn we add the old universal stuff? We have the new stuff, The Old Stuff? C'mon! The past needs some attention too!

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Oganesson Oganesson 8 October 2016


Seeing that there are many articles are poorly made, I sent an adoption request in Community Central. The main purpose of this adoption is meant to clear up all articles that are marked as candidates of deletion, but no one else can do it because all admins aren't inactive. If you know more about the films, please feel free to contact me and we can share rights once the staff approves my request.

I also need to explain the current case of User:Bcjslheo/User:RandomPowerpuff is Randomarioness/User:Demonic Mario 2000 and I. In this wiki, there are some articles made by some IPs about Annoying Orange, but if anyone search Wikipedia, these articles can be proven to be fan-made, and as the councilor User:RRabbit42 suggested, "fan fiction about a …

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Oganesson Oganesson 29 September 2016

If I ask for closing the wiki

What I see in the wiki here are many spam articles that hasn't been cleared - I know, there are some normal articles that are written properly, but I would say those movies can be introduced much better in seperate wikis, if too many articles are put in a same wiki while the wiki is abandoned, it would be a disaster of Wikia, especially to the readers.

User:Transfo is the incumbant admin here, but the user has left this wiki for over two years, so the wiki can't recover from vandalism because, as mentioned above, no one of admin rights maintains this wiki. I am not a VSTF, and I don't have time to clear up those spam, not because that I don't care of this wiki, but some random IPs or users keep adding fan-fiction, undo clean-ups, or even br…

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Blu Castle Blu Castle 13 September 2016


I'm new to this wiki and hello to everybody. We'll make this place better together! 

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